Are you suffering from debt collector harassment?

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North Carolina residents like you already have enough on your plate when dealing with debts. The financial burden creates mental, physical and emotional stress for you that lasts until you get back out of the hole.

You do not need debt collectors harassing you on top of everything else. You may not even realize you are suffering from harassment, but there are ways you can tell when a collector crosses the line.

Threats of physical harm

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau discusses harassing behavior debt collectors may employ. They do not usually escalate into actual physical violence. But this does not stop them from making threats of physical harm, which can put mental pressure and stress on you.

Collectors often make threats against your family, too. If you are living in a home, they can threaten to evict you all. They may make detailed threats involving a future of homelessness and poverty. The intention is to scare you into doing what they want so you do not lose the house.

Creditors using threats to wear you down

Collectors use different tactics to wear you down on a mental level, too. For example, they may call you without pause. They call at all hours, whether it is in the middle of the night or day. They may refuse to identify themselves on the phone or deliver threats and harassment via voicemail. They may even do this through the post or show up in person.

Even the use of harsh language can count as harassment. This includes threats, profanity, use of obscenities and more. If you notice any of these issues happening, you can take legal action to stop the harassment.