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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

Our office is in the heart of Gastonia, North Carolina.

What geographic areas do you serve?

We serve clients in the following counties:

  • Gaston County, North Carolina
  • Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
  • Cleveland County, North Carolina
  • Catawba County, North Carolina
  • Cabarrus County, North Carolina
  • Lincoln County, North Carolina
  • Union County, North Carolina
  • Rutherford County, North Carolina
  • Caldwell County, North Carolina
  • Burke County, North Carolina
  • Iredell County, North Carolina
  • York County, South Carolina (Bankruptcy Only)
  • Chester County, South Carolina (Bankruptcy Only)
  • Cherokee County, South Carolina (Bankruptcy Only)

What if I am not available during normal business hours to meet with a lawyer?

If you are not available during our normal business hours, then please let our staff know and we will try to accommodate your schedule. It is not uncommon that we need to meet with clients earlier or later than normal business hours or even on the weekends with advanced notice.

What will it cost to speak with a lawyer at your firm?

We do not charge a consultation fee to meet with a client regarding questions about filing for bankruptcy.
We do charge a fee to consult on other legal matters; however, our consultation fee is typically applied to any services we are retained for.

I don’t know what type of lawyer I need or if I even need to speak to an attorney.

Sometimes problems arise, and it is difficult to even identify where to turn to solve it. Speaking with a lawyer can be an informative first step in solving the problems that you are facing. At our firm, we help you identify the problem, discuss possible solutions and suggest what the next step is to solve the problem.

What are your fees for handling cases?

During your consultation, the lawyer will discuss what fees may be charged for the matter in which you are seeking our assistance. Our firm understands and appreciates that clients may need time to gather the fees necessary to hire a lawyer. When you meet with the lawyer, be sure to communicate what financial limitations you may be facing. We may be able to work out a payment plan with you if needed.

What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a process that allows individuals (debtors) that owe others (creditors) more money than they’re able to pay to either work out a plan to repay the money over time or completely eliminate (discharge) most of the bills.

What are the different types of bankruptcy?

Consumers typically file either a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, where repayment is made to your creditors, or a Chapter 7 where most debts are forgiven (dischargeable). Each chapter of bankruptcy spells out:
1. What bills can be modified or even eliminated, and
2. How you can keep the things that you own.
In addition, the type of bankruptcy you may need to file will depend on your circumstances and if you have assets available to repay all or part of your debt.

Do I need to file bankruptcy?

If, when and what type of bankruptcy you need to file can be determined once we have a clear picture of your finances. Some of the reasons our clients choose to file bankruptcy are:
1. Your home is at risk of or actually is in the process of foreclosure, and you wish to keep your home.
2. Your car payments are behind, repossession has been threatened, and you want to keep your car.
3. You’re being sued by a creditor or have been sued, and the creditor has obtained a judgment.
4. You have lost your job and are unable to pay past due bills that you owe.
5. You have been contacted by the Department of Revenue or the IRS regarding tax debts.