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Solving Student Loan Debt Problems With Bankruptcy

Is student loan debt dischargeable? If student loan debt creates an undue hardship on you then the debts may be dischargeable in a bankruptcy.

Even if you student loan debt is not dischargeable, bankruptcy may be able to help you manage your student loan debt burden. By filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for instance, you can wipe out other unsecured debt, allowing you to direct more money to paying off your outstanding student loans.

The experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Geoffrey A. Planer, can provide you with the legal guidance you need regarding all aspects of student loan debt and bankruptcy. We provide effective debt relief solutions for clients in Gastonia and throughout surrounding communities.

Negotiating Manageable Student Loan Payments

In some cases, student loan creditors are willing to work out settlement offer or income driven repayment plans with debtors. This may be in the lender’s as well as the borrower’s best interests, because the lender would otherwise perhaps receive less or nothing at all if the debtor defaults, and the borrower simply needs time and a lower monthly payment to get on track.

We are skilled debt negotiators and can work on your behalf to secure an income-based repayment plan or other option that eases your debt burden.

Ask A Lawyer About Discharging Student Loan Debt

Are you seeking student loan forgiveness? Our lawyers are here to help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to the discharge of student loan debt. You can reach our law offices online or by telephone at 704-885-1062. We offer free consultations to bankruptcy clients and apply a nominal consultation fee in all other matters to any work we provide for you.

In addition to a variety of legal services we offer, we also qualify as a federally designated debt relief agency and are able to help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.