How can you co-parent successfully?

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After a divorce, you may worry about you and your children’s relationship and how you will co-parent with your ex-spouse.

Keeping some simple advice in mind while co-parenting will help you both become a united front. Mixing the right amount of discipline with support for your children helps them to grow up feeling secure and loved.

Communicate respectfully

According to Psychology Today, you should speak about your children’s other parent in a positive or neutral manner. Resist the urge to badmouth him or her, since your children will likely pick up on that anger and become hesitant to express their real opinions around you.

Staying polite while talking to and discussing your ex-spouse can help you both co-parent in a healthy and cooperative way.

Keep a regular routine

Your children will need structure and rules even during the divorce process. It may seem tempting to be more lax about your children staying up late or eating candy, but they require predictability during tough times.

By being a present figure in their lives, you can help them feel less anxious over all the new changes. Spend extra time playing games or going for walks outside can help you both become closer.

Leave the drama behind

Using your children as messengers or third parties for your complaints about your ex-spouse is never a good idea. Instead, focus more on the future and avoid starting arguments with your ex-spouse about trivial matters.

Take time to do stress relieving activities that allow you to rest and relax. Co-parenting can require a lot of time and patience, but learning how to cooperate with your ex-spouse can be rewarding for you and your children.