Rotate the children frequently in a 50/50 split

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Family Law |

If you are like most parents in North Carolina, you might think that alternating weeks between parents’ homes is the best way to carry out an even split of parental time. Of course, it is the easiest solution. However, there is growing evidence that it may not be the best solution for the children from an emotional perspective.

Children are going through stress during a divorce due to the changes in their lives. Having to say goodbye to their parent for an entire week at a time may cause additional angst, especially if the children are younger. It may even cause them to grow emotionally distant from a parent in the wake of a long separation as a defense mechanism. In any event, the effects on the children from this arrangement can be pronounced.

Further, executing this type of custody arrangement could be difficult for working parents. They may often need to arrive at work late or leave early. However, that is not always acceptable depending on their employer. Now, experts are saying that parents should consider a different kind of custody arrangement that has the children with each parent for shorter blocks of time in order to reduce the adverse effect that the divorce may have on the child. This can help you as a working parent as well.

If you are trying to negotiate this type of arrangement, it may take some dexterity and skill because your co-parent may not have been thinking of a schedule like this. Child custody matters are where a family law attorney might be helpful as the two parties may not be able to put tensions aside to come up with an alternative schedule. An attorney may suggest schedule alternatives and then assist with the negotiation of the agreement. If litigation is necessary, the attorney may represent you in court.