Approaching divorce after an extramarital affair

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Whether you were unfaithful to your spouse or they had an affair, there are a number of issues to consider with respect to infidelity and divorce. Affairs often cause marriages to crumble and they can lead to especially contentious disputes in court. Sometimes, couples are able to work together to resolve divorce matters amicably in the wake of an affair, but some are unable to cooperate altogether.

In 2018, 782,038 couples got divorced, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many of these divorces were likely the result of infidelity. If you have kids or significant assets, it is especially important to work through divorce issues carefully.

How does an affair affect the divorce process?

Affairs often affect a couple’s divorce in different ways. For starters, many people become hostile after discovering that they were cheated on, which can complicate a divorce. Aside from emotions, affairs can even play a role in legal matters related to the end of a marriage, such as child custody, in certain states.

How can you protect yourself during divorce?

For starters, you need to safeguard your mental health and emotional well-being. Try to remain calm and level-headed, even though this is challenging for many people during divorce. Carefully examine your legal options and try to cooperate with your ex, if possible. If you are worried about child custody, go over the different factors that courts consider when making custody decisions and thoroughly examine financial obligations and consequences that often arise due to divorce (such as child support, alimony and the distribution of marital property).