Adjusting to single parenthood with confidence

On Behalf of | May 5, 2021 | Family Law |

Getting divorced in North Carolina has challenges of its own. Add in the fact that you are now a single parent and you may feel completely overwhelmed and inadequate.

Transitioning into your new role will undoubtedly take time and require patience and flexibility. However, implementing good habits from the start can help you confront your new challenge with confidence.

Routines and self-care

Balancing your career, personal commitments, divorce responsibilities and parenting can leave you feeling depleted. According to The Mayo Clinic, one of the best things you can do is to establish a consistent and reasonable routine. A reliable schedule can provide everyone with peace of mind and stability.

When you have a solid idea of your day-to-day obligations, you can confront each task with clarity. In your routine, set aside time to do something for yourself each day, even if it only amounts to 10 minutes. Prioritize your sleep, eat nutritious foods and socialize with others. Your self-care efforts may improve your energy, perspective and motivation to tackle each day with enthusiasm and positivity.

Boundaries and support

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may not have as much free time as you had previously. You may notice that you cannot say yes as often and you need to be more selective about the commitments you make. Setting boundaries, maintaining a realistic perspective of what you can handle and prioritizing your responsibilities can help you be a better parent and ensure you meet your children’s needs.

Even though you no longer have a partner, you do not have to raise your children alone. You can ask for help. Take advantage of eager friends and family and build a support system. Relying on others to help you shoulder the responsibility of parenting will allow you to meet your obligations and continue to shape your family’s future.