Social media and divorce

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Going through a divorce in North Carolina involves challenges of an emotional, financial and social nature. This process becomes more difficult if the split has contested elements that increase emotions on both sides.

If you engage in social media, it could help to carefully monitor your activity and avoid inflammatory statements.

Actions to avoid on social media during a divorce

At the minimum, according to an article in Psychology Today, you should refrain from posting negative comments on social media about family members. This includes your own actions, but in the interest of harmony, you should attempt to persuade your close friends and family members to abide by this suggestion. Also, never post intimate photos of your former spouse.

Getting off social media completely has several benefits. Even positive posts can make others feel jealous, which could lead to bad feelings and an urge to retaliate. Venting negative feelings could have unexpected consequences. Always remember that anything on social media could become admissible evidence in the courts.

Actions to take

When it comes to social media, you can take several beneficial steps during a divorce. At this time, you should consider changing your privacy levels to the highest setting. This keeps you off threads that could become damaging during court proceedings.

You could do a Google search and look for compromising photos of your activities on social media. If possible, attempt to remove these photos from cyberspace.

Finally, it might help to monitor the online activities of your children to provide extra protection for them during a difficult time. Knowing what to do and not to do regarding social media could result in a less acrimonious divorce.