Some key differences of a divorce later in life

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A divorce later in life brings a unique set of challenges to the impacted individuals. In the case of a long marriage, the separating spouses often have a large list of emotional, social and financial entanglements.

While every divorce has its unique factors, a gray divorce often has an extra level of complexity.

Financial matters

After a long marriage, Today argues that couples probably face significant issues with dividing marital assets. This remains true for wealthy households and those of more modest means.

Some factors that could complicate the situation include cases where one spouse took care of all of the financial responsibilities. This could leave the other spouse at a deficit when it comes to financial intelligence as he or she embarks on a new life.

Also, if only one spouse worked or had a career, this could make it more difficult for the other spouse to reenter the workforce. While this probably will not matter in wealthy households, it could take on relevance for others.

Adult children

The dissolution of a long-lasting marriage can impact adult children in different ways. One mistake divorcing spouses sometimes make comes down to assuming adult children will cope well with the divorce. Some observers encourage the parents to reach out to adult children and to offer appropriate reassurance. This can come in the form of caring conversations that discuss emotional concerns.

Older parents who divorce should probably prepare themselves for some soul searching on the part of their children.  The children might wonder if love actually ever existed between the parents. The key aspects of a gray divorce call for adaptability in many areas.