Consider the factors that go into your child custody agreement

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Child custody stands out as one of the most important decisions that you and your ex-spouse either come to through arbitration or make your case for in front of a judge. It helps determine visitation times, child support payments and a key framework with which your children grow up.

That is why it is important to understand as much as you can about what all goes into this complicated topic. Having more information and preparation at your disposal may help things go smoothly as well as help reach your own personal parenting goals.

Your qualifications

As the North Carolina State Bar indicates, there are several factors that rely on you when the state determines appropriate custody. These include the time you have available to take care of them and your past history in disciplining them. Courts may also look at how you provide for your children in regards to their emotional, educational and social needs.

Your child’s situation

Courts may consider your child’s age as well as any unique needs they may have. Your relationship with your children and their relationship with you, your spouse and their siblings all come into play as well.

When considering these factors, it is also important to understand whether your goal is to seek sole custody or joint custody. There is a lot to prove when showing that you have the time and resources to provide for your children as their sole provider. How you raise your family is important after a divorce and there are tools and resources available to help you on your journey towards resolution.