Will joint custody work for you?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Family Law |

Deciding what option to take for child custody is one of the most important parts of your divorce as parents. Of course, you both want what is best for your child. How can you ensure that this happens?

You can look into joint custody, first and foremost. This option could potentially allow your child to enjoy numerous benefits.

Reported improved mental health

The American Psychological Association discusses some of the positive impacts of joint custody on children. This includes some impacts that can last a lifetime and help them form healthier adult lives, too.

First, many children of joint custody have a lower rate of reported anxiety, depression and stress or trauma-based disorders as specifically tied to their parent’s divorce. On top of that, reported cases tend to indicate slightly lower severity than children who experience sole custody situations.

Healthier coping skills

Many of these children also develop healthier coping mechanisms as a result of the custody option, as studies indicate. This means that as children, they get into trouble with authority figures less often. They also lash out at their peers with less frequency.

As adults, this translates into fewer problems with addictions and other unhealthy coping behaviors. These children also tend to have stronger and healthier relationships, both romantic and platonic, throughout their adult lives.

Who does it benefit?

Of course, joint custody does not benefit everyone equally. It does not work for everyone, either. For example, if one parent is away on military duty or serving time, they would not be able to maintain an active and equal presence in their child’s life. Likewise, you do not want someone facing allegations of abuse to have access to your child.

But for parents who can make it work, joint custody can serve as a major benefit.