Web-based child support payments in North Carolina

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It is essential to take a close look at various topics if you owe child support, such as the penalties you could deal with if you do not pay and factors that could affect the amount you owe (such as job loss or your child’s high school graduation). In addition, you should go over your child support payment options, especially if you do not have an income withholding order and need to find another way to pay support.

You should also take a close look at child support payments if you are thinking about getting divorced as a parent or expect to owe support soon.

Paying child support online

North Carolina Child Support Services offers helpful information on web-based child support payments. According to this agency, a majority of cases require parents to pay child support via income withholding orders, which result in the automatic withholding of child support from their paychecks. However, some parents need to find another way to pay support, and paying online is an option in North Carolina.

For example, if income withholding payments do not cover your child support obligations, or you do not have an income withholding order in place but owe support, making web-based payments can help you stay current.

Other important points on web-based child support payments

It is essential to realize that you cannot replace or terminate an income withholding order by making web-based payments. Additionally, the agency’s website will not accept payments from foreign bank accounts.

Whether you have concerns about making child support payments or other questions related to this area of family law, make sure you understand your options and stay current on child support obligations.