How can I communicate better with my co-parent?

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Co-parenting is not easy. Particularly if you have some hard feelings with your ex, continuing to associate with them frequently may be difficult. However, remember that in most cases, co-parenting is in the best interest of the child.

Keeping your child front and center can make the process of co-parenting easier. Another good way to make it go smoothly is to improve your communication methods with your co-parent. According to Helpguide, you should keep all conversations with your co-parent kid-focused and businesslike, and you should try to communicate frequently if possible.

Keep it kid-focused

It is very easy to get into an argument with your co-parent about unrelated things if you are not focusing on what you actually have in common: the children. You should never find yourself talking about your needs or your co-parent’s needs during your conversations. Rather, you should be focusing on what your child needs.

Keeping communications businesslike also prevents negative emotions from getting involved. It may be best to keep communications limited to email, as this is a professional medium that does not require immediate response.

Communicate frequently

This may seem to be an odd piece of advice, but the more that you speak with your co-parent, the easier it will get. Frequent communication about your child will also lower the chase for disagreement, as both of you will be well-aware of what is happening and when. Plus, it will signal to your child that you and your co-parent are still a united front, even after the divorce.

Co-parenting is not a simple matter, particularly at the beginning. However, with good communication skills, it will become easier over time.