How do mediators help a divorce?

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When going into a divorce, many couples will want to know what their options are. Some people default to taking their spouse to court, but this is not how it has to be.

Instead, consider mediating through the divorce process. But how does mediation work? What do mediators do, exactly?

What mediators can and cannot do

Forbes talks about the steps mediators take to help in divorce. Some people mistakenly believe that mediators exist to try to patch up a relationship or convince a couple that they should stay together. This is of course untrue.

In reality, mediators exist to mediate discussions between a divorcing couple as they decide on the terms of their divorce. They hold a lot of value because they provide a neutral, third-party perspective and their opinions come from that same place.

They do not have the same power as a judge or an arbitrator. They cannot make legal decisions on behalf of either party. They cannot make legally binding judgments that either party must abide by. Instead, they offer guidance, opinions and advice through the process.

Helping monitor arguments and discussions

They ensure that everyone has their space to speak, too. If one person dominates the conversation, the mediator will step in to ensure the other party has room to say their piece, too.

They also have some training in dispute resolution and de-escalation techniques. This means that if it looks like arguments begin to spin out of control, they can step in and reign it back.

All in all, they provide numerous useful services for a couple trying to work out their divorce terms.