How do assets contribute to divorce tensions?

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Assets and finances have an undeniable tie to marriage and even divorce. In fact, problems with assets and other financial issues have a high rate of impact on marriage health and can even lead to divorce.

But how do assets contribute to tension during the divorce itself, if at all?

Feelings of financial security

Business Insider talks about the contribution to divorce tensions when it comes to assets. Some people argue that couples with higher amounts of assets fight more often because they have more to lose. However, it often boils down to how a couple views their assets.

Couples who feel more financial stability and security often have fewer reasons to fight over asset division. This is because they know that the divorce will not financially ruin them, even if they will take a minor hit.

On the other hand, when couples feel financially unstable, they have a higher likelihood of fighting tooth and nail to keep as many assets as possible. They want to continue with their current style of life and feel threatened by the divorce and its potential to end that.

Differences in wealth and security

This is why it is possible for couples with over $5 million in assets to have the highest rate of amiable divorces among all wealth brackets, while upper-middle-class couples with between $1 and $5 million in assets fight the most.

Despite the fact that they each have high levels of wealth comparatively, the level of financial security differs greatly between the two groups and lends to these kinds of differences in arguments.