What information must I provide when filing Chapter 7?

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Bankruptcy is a legal process that requires you to follow certain rules. Part of those rules is providing the information requested by the court.

You do not have a choice in what you tell the court if you wish to have your case move forward. Omitting information can cause you issues or result in the court throwing out your case. You cannot submit an incomplete bankruptcy petition.

Personal information

You must provide the court with your real name, address and contact details. You will provide your social security number and other identifying details as well. It is incredibly important to be honest about your address as bankruptcy court jurisdiction depends on your residence.

Financial information

You also must give a complete rundown of your finances. You must report all income and money coming into your household. You also need to list all debts. If you leave a debt out of your petition, you cannot seek bankruptcy protection or relief for it. You must even list debts for which you cannot claim bankruptcy, such as student loans.

Included in these details are also recent tax returns. If you have a business, you will probably need additional tax information to prove your income. The court must be able to get a complete picture of your financial situation.

Compliance documents

To file for bankruptcy, you must complete two credit counseling courses. You will have to provide the court with your certificates of completion for each one.

Giving the court every piece of the requested information is essential to a successful bankruptcy case. Forgetting information could cause you problems within the process.