The details of passport denial due to child support

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If you have already fallen behind on child support, you plan on getting a divorce and worry about the penalties for missing payments or you have concerns about your ability to keep paying on time, it is vital to go over the consequences you could face for becoming delinquent. On top of losing your driving privileges and the possibility of jail time, the government could deny your passport application or revoke your current passport.

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with passport problems due to unpaid child support and do everything you can to get caught up or stay current.

Passport problems due to missing child support payments

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services discusses passport denial and revocation as a result of back child support. According to the NCDHHS, if you are a non-custodial parent who owes over $2,500 in child support arrears, the state will submit your case to the Secretary of State. If you attempt to apply for a U.S. passport before paying arrears, the Secretary of State will deny your application.

Aside from refusing to issue your passport, the U.S. government could also restrict or revoke your current passport.

The impact of back child support and passport problems

In addition to overwhelming anxiety, you could face other emotional hurdles and financial issues if you do not have a valid passport. Whether you have to miss out on critical business trips or events in your family (such as a loved one’s wedding), the loss of your passport privileges could prove devastating.

From modifying your child support order to creating a payment plan, make sure you explore every option in front of you if you face these challenges as a non-custodial parent.